However, many people wishing to climb onto the property ladder are hampering their hopes of finding a home due to poor preparation.

A nationwide survey commissioned by our colleagues at QualitySolicitors headquarters has shown 72% of would-be purchases are failing to check their credit rating, 59% not bothering to secure a mortgage in principle, whilst another 74% fail to get a solicitor in place to help them.

This extensive survey was conducted in recent weeks and involved 500 people across the country who had bought a property in the past two years for their views.

With the home buying market in a healthy position following the election result, buyers need to be sharp to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.

Being experienced in conveyancing, we at QS David Roberts can confirm that many are making mistakes, which leave them missing out on the homes of their dreams.

Regardless of people’s political allegiances, the market has reacted favourably to David Cameron returning to Downing Street and the wide-spread message from a range of experts and analysts is that we are in a period of steady house growth with bricks and mortar once again seen as the safest investment.

Getting the three components of top credit ratings, mortgage in principle and a reliable solicitor in place certainly gives an edge, because the amount of property sellers who tell tales of time wasters is significant.

We hope this blog has helped those of you embarking on the adventure of moving home. We wish you well and hope 2015 will be the year when you find the place of your dreams.