Loved ones will have their lives devastated and all because of a pound shop option to shopping for one of the most important documents a person can make.

Since the Internet really began to take hold in the past decade or so there are possibly a million or so people who have drafted their own wills online or purchased low priced wills from companies who probably won’t be anywhere to be seen if their family ever need to contact them in the future.

It’s a subject that really needs talking about for the sake of the Wirral public and beyond.

The online version of wills, in many cases, provides simple templates, which follow a standard format, which are not really fit for purpose in many cases.

We believe badly drawn up wills are a massive problem, which is primarily down to the Government’s decision in 2013 not to make will-writing a reserved legal activity.

For those of you unaware of this decision, the Legal Services Board carried out an in-depth analysis of will writing and said that it should treated as a specialist legal exercise, only open to regulated lawyers, but the Lord Chancellor thought otherwise.

Despite what some may try to have you believe it is a fact that will writing can often be complicated, yet anyone can set up in business and claim to be a qualified will writer.

These bodies have no insurance and no comeback if they make a mistake unlike firms of solicitors.

It is exasperating and sad to see the misery that a poorly drafted will can cause and we believe the pubic need stronger laws to protect them.

However, this is not going to happen in the short term, so we urge members of the public to exercise extreme caution when considering who drafts their will.

The reasonable cost of protecting a lifetime of assets by having a will that provides peace of mind from a qualified solicitor is certainly a price worth paying.