A quality Will ensures peace of mind for everyone in a Family. Wills are vital legal documents and it is crucial that they are drawn up in a way that meets the law’s requirements otherwise they may be invalid or create problems for families in the future.

If the correct formalities are not followed, the wrong word is included or wishes are poorly expressed it can lead to confusion and legal battles.

At present, unregulated Will-writing companies provide approximately 10 per cent of Wills.

The Law Society suggests that many unregulated Will writers are bumping up their fees with additional costs, such as storage charges.

Solicitors are required to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and are subject to a rigorous professional regulatory and disciplinary regime, whilst Will-writers operate without such safeguards.

Sadly, it is often the case that  problems arise from Wills drawn up by a Will writing company long after the company has dissolved leaving no chance of redress.

 A Will prepared by a solicitor is the wise choice rather than taking the risk of an unregulated Will writer.