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November 2018

  • Posted on November 30, 2018 by Admin
    Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, sadly passed away in August and did so without leaving a Will. This might come as a surprise to many given her superstar status and assets worth an estimated £62.3 million. Without a Will in place, local law is dictating how her estate is being divided, rather than this being her own choice. This is further complicated because one of her sons has special needs that require financial and medical support for the rest of his life. The process of administering her estate could take years to resolve because of this lack of clear division and potential claims to the inheritance, and will likely play out in public.
  • Posted on November 16, 2018 by Admin
    With Christmas shopping season looming and flash sales such as Black Friday (23rd Nov) and Cyber Monday (26th Nov) just around the corner, we’ve pulled together some top tips to help you get the best deals and have peace of mind once you get those items home.
  • Posted on November 14, 2018 by Admin
    The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire, has proposed introducing longer tenancies for private renters. If the plan, which was tabled in July this year, is put into action it would mean landlords and tenants may have to commit to a minimum three-year residential tenancy term in place of the current six to 12 month tenancy agreements.

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