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  • Posted on June 6, 2019 by Admin
    While you were probably out enjoying the first day of summer on Saturday, the Tenant Fee Act 2019 (‘the Act’) came into force. The Act functions to crack down on unexpected fees from landlords and letting agents, and will impose hefty fines on anyone who fails to comply.

    If you’re currently renting, or you’ve been thinking about entering into a tenancy agreement, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Some charges beyond your rent will still apply, but a lot more financial protections are now in place for tenants. Below QualitySolicitors looks at who is affected, what exactly the Act means, and what further implications there are for end of tenancy evictions.
  • Posted on March 11, 2019 by Admin
    Fraud is becoming an increasingly significant issue and is now one of the most commonly experienced crimes in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics’ crime survey, there was an estimated 3.3 million cases of fraud in the year ending June 2018[1]. This high figure captures a broad range of fraud offences, including lower-harm cases. But fraud can have very significant impacts, particularly as the value of the scam increases. Property fraud is a real threat that buyers, sellers and solicitors need to be aware of to help ward-off would-be fraudsters.
  • Posted on July 2, 2018 by Admin
    Buying a property at auction has many benefits, particularly as it can be a simpler option than going through the usual route of lengthy and uncertain buying procedures. However, there is risk of losing out at an auction, especially if you are not fully prepared beforehand. Here, we give a full breakdown for first-time property bidders on how to prepare for an auction and how to snap up your desired property without a hitch.
  • Posted on September 4, 2012 by Louise Restell
    As of last week, it is a criminal offence to squat in any residential property, including those that are empty or abandoned. Many of the headlines were almost euphoric in tone, lauding the end of ‘squatters’ rights’ and praising a victory for common sense. And who could disagree? For too long lazy, hippie, dropout, scrounging anarchists have been causing ‘untold misery’ by forcing thousands of really nice law-abiding people out of their homes.
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