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Mental health aftercare

If you have received treatment as a mental health patient, you may need help and support getting your life back on track once your treatment ends. There are many services available free of charge to help mental health patients, their families and carers, from help with accommodation to advice on employment. At Mills Donkin Solicitors, A QualitySolicitors Firm we can explain what’s available and ensure you get the support you need to build a safe and secure future.

Sometimes organisations and authorities may disagree about who is responsible for providing aftercare services. If this happens we can help resolve disagreements to ensure you don’t miss out on the services you are entitled to. If you’ve been forced to pay for services that you should have received for free, we can help you recover the costs.

We can also represent you during care assessments to ensure that your views are taken into account and help you get the ongoing care that’s right for you.

If you’d like to have a chat about how we can help, call us today on 0191 416 2182. Our expert solicitors have helped many people gain the aftercare services they are entitled to and we’ll explain everything to you simply and clearly. You may be able to access our services free of charge using legal aid or you may qualify for a free first interview, contact us for a chat to find out what your options are.

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