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Parenting After Parting

Too often when parents separate, they are become caught up in their own feelings or too focused on the practicalities of sorting out finances that they fail to appreciate the impact that their separation or divorce may be having on their children. It’s not intentional, but it happens.

As a member of Resolution, an organisation formed of family lawyers and other professionals, I am delighted to have been invited to join their Parenting After Parting Committee, which is seeking as part of its aims to put in place a code of practice for family professionals which will enable them to bring the children involved in a separation or divorce ‘centre-stage’. 

Resolution is committed to enabling their members to be in a position to assist their clients with the skills and advice they may require to be able to support their children and to manage their approach to parenting after their split. The Parenting after Parting committee are also committed to raising awareness of the resources which may assist with sorting out the often overwhelming practicalities of parenting apart.

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