If you are buying or selling your home, click on Conveyancing in the menu on the left to read about our services. You can also read about our specialist conveyancing services by clicking on Investment and Buy to Let or Buying at auction.

If you are having problems with neighbours, click on neighbour disputes. Problems with neighbours are rare but when they come up they can be very upsetting as they often affect you when you are tired or relaxing- they are literally "close to home".

Our lawyers have wide experience of dealing with disputes as well as the conveyancing process. We think it's important that the lawyer advising you knows from experience what matters are important and need to be investigated further, and which are not.

Click on remortgaging if you need assistance with this. Many mortgagees include conveyancing as part of their remortgage package but if you need something extra like a transfer of title you may need our help.

We can prepare a Tenancy Agreement for you if you need this. Unlike the ones you may find online, ours will be tailored to your property and your requirements. And yes, we do deal with evictions when these are necessary, so we know they work.

Finally, you may simply need a property transferring to someone where there is no sale, for example a family member. Click on Transfer of Title to read about this. 

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