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Making a will

Things to think about:

How much will my estate be worth? It can help to make a list of your assets. You will need to include:

  • The value of your home, if you own it, less the value of your mortgage.
  • Any life policies you may have
  • Bank accounts and other investments, such as shares
  • Heirlooms or collections
  • Pension benefits, including death-in-service benefits

Who should benefit?  The initial beneficiaries are usually clear, but think about what happens if they die before you or at about the same time- for example in a car crash.

Who will be the executor?  The executor is the person who winds up the estate. It is usually the main beneficiary if they are over 18. In some cases you may want to appoint a member of our firm to be the executor.

Any special gifts?  Do you want to make a donation to charity, or do you want some of your assets to go to a particular person (for example, jewellery)?

What about funeral arrangements?  If you have any special wishes, you can put these in the will as well.

Mirror wills  Most married or unmarried couples will make virtually identical wills, so that the result is the same whichever of them dies first.

Tax-saving wills  If your estate is substantially over the inheritance tax limit there are steps that can be taken to reduce the effect of inheritance tax.

Unusual provisions  If your will has unusual provisions - for example if one of the obvious beneficiaries is excluded for some reason- then we will need to take extra care in recording and confirming your instructions so as to reduce the chance of the will being challenged after your death.

Trusts  If you wish to set up a trust- for example if you have a second family and someone is going to live in the family home for the rest of their life, or you might want to arrange regular payments for a beneficiary who is not good with money- we can arrange this.

What to do next

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