What the person’s care needs are

  • How they will change over time
  • What finance is available- for example pensions, impaired life annuities, and equity release schemes.
  • What public funding is available (from benefits, local authorities, and the NHS) and which are and are not means-tested.
  • What happens to the family home if someone goes into care.

We can offer:

An Initial assessment We can give up to 45 minutes of initial advice under our Ask the Legal Expert scheme.

A basic care review For this we will:

  • Examine 1 year’s accounts for up to 3 savings or bank accounts, identifying income sources and the various types of expenditure.
  • Advise on sources of income, eg bonds, equity sharing schemes or annuities; and
  • Advise on the relationship between benefits, investments, and the family home.


A detailed care review Following on from the basic review we will:

  • Give further advice on assets, for example checking the title to your home, or arranging a market assessment from an estate agent;
  • Discuss options for private funding, how this affects public funding, and how this can be maximised overall; and
  • Advice on how family assets can be protected.


What to do next

Give us a ring to make an appointment, and find out what it will cost. We offer fixed fees for basic assessments and can give an estimate on detailed assessments.


Acting for a friend or relative

We can give general advice under an initial assessment, provided no confidential documents (such as bank statements) are involved, but carrying out a care review requires the consent of the person it applies to, or their attorney under a lasting power of attorney -property and affairs. Often we will see the person concerned initially and then deal with a relative before finally presenting the result to all concerned.