The steps required are:

- Locate and value everything the deceased owned (the estate);

- Complete inheritance tax forms (usually necessary even if there is no tax to pay) and the executor's oath; 

- File them with the Inheritance Tax office and Probate Registry;

- when probate is granted, sell or transfer the items in the estate and pay any legacies;

- When all is completed draw up an estate account to show what has been done.

You may also need to pay inheritance tax (this is done at different stages in the process depending on the assets). We can arrange a loan if necessary.

Our probate solicitors have a great deal of experience in dealing with both simple and complex estates and will be able to administer them smoothly and with the minimum of delay.

Call us now to arrange an appointment. If you are not sure whether probate is required, or if you are considering doing it yourself, you might want to have an Ask the Legal Expert meeting (up to 45 minutes of initial advice) for a fixed fee of £99 including VAT to decide what needs doing.