Chelcie is a Legal Assistant at QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright.

She joined QualitySolicitors Parkinson Wright in July 2016 and is part of the family team based at the Evesham office.

Chelcie obtained an LLB (Law) from the University of Westminster in 2016.



Family Law - Chelcie-Anne Evans

 I would like to say, that Chelcie is an absolute credit to your company. I was in a domestic violent and abusive marriage, and even though we have now separated, the manipulation, harassment, and need to control continues.
Chelcie, has restored my faith, in regards to family law solicitors. She has exactly the right attitude, and enthusiasm required for what is always a highly emotional and personal situation. I liked her no-nonsense, approach and know, as a victim of domestic abuse, you need your hand held at the beginning. I am much stronger, and no longer need my hand held, however I do need someone, who has no-nonsense and firm approach, to support my determination, not to be bullied again.
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