The Data Protection Act exists to ensure that people’s personal data is handled correctly. Sometimes things can go wrong and a company or employer may break the Data Protection Act. When this happens your personal data may be put at risk.

If your personal data has fallen into the wrong hands or personal information about you has been shared, it’s natural to feel concerned. At QualitySolicitors we can explain what rights you have in regards to data protection. We can advise you what to do if your data has been used illegally and can help you take action to rectify mistakes or seek compensation for any harm or distress you have been caused.

Our solicitors are data protection experts and have in-depth experience of this area of the law so they can provide all the help and guidance you need if you are worried about data protection issues. With our free initial assessment promise you can easily find out what options are available, so for help with data protections issues, call our team on 01905 401 893.