This extra protection covers items or services paid for in the UK or abroad.

It covers items bought from a shop or online, or phone or mail order.



5 quick questions to see if you’ve got this extra protection


1: Was the cost of the item or service over £100?

2: Was the total cost under £30,000?

3: Did you pay at least PART of the cost by credit card?

  • This extra protection does not cover cheques, debit cards or charge card?
  • Even if you just paid part (such as deposit) by credit card, you get extra protection for the full amount.

4: Are you the main cardholder?

  • The protection does not always apply to additional cardholders.

5: Did you pay the shop or supplier direct?

  • This extra protection does not cover transaction on Amazon Marketplace (where the payment is to Amazon and not direct to the business).
  • This extra protection does not always apply if you used PayPal (but then they have their own protection scheme).

If you answered yes to these questions you should get the extra protection.

Send your letter of complaint about the product or service to the credit card company, explaining the cost of the repairs, replacement or cost of putting right the damage – and ask them to pay this to you.


The law: under section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1974 the credit card company shares full responsibility for any right of compensation or refund or repairs or expenses that can also be claimed from the person or business who was paid by credit card.


This is especially useful if the shop or trader ignores your letter of complaint or if they have gone bust (and could not pay what you are entitled to).

Simply send start your letter of complaint to the card company adding this extra line at the beginning:

This letter of complaint relates to a purchase I made using my credit card with you. Under my rights under the Consumer Credit Act I ask that you pay me the sum claimed below with 14 days. My card number is [long card number].