At QualitySolicitors, we can help you prepare a legally valid will so that your wishes will be respected and assets protected should anything happen to you. There are a number of things you might consider including in your will, such as whether you’d like to donate your organs; your preference of being buried or cremated; what sort of funeral arrangements you want in place; who your estate and assets will be distributed and if you want to secure them with a trust; and if there are any specific belongings you’d like loved ones to have. By writing a will early, you’ll be ensuring your family do not have the burden of making decisions when they need to grieve. For couples who are not married or are in a civil partnership, a will can also offer protection for them.

In the event of death, the executor of a will must apply for probate (also known as a grant of probate, grant of representation, or letter of administration of a will) in order to act on the wishes you expressed in your will, and to access your bank account to collect assets. We can take care of this legal administrative process, helping to make the death of a loved one less of an emotionally burdensome time.

Our team have also supported numerous clients to create a Living Will or Advance Decision, which specifically states your medical treatment preferences should an accident leave you incapacitated. Some people also choose, or do so as an alternative, to appoint a Power of Attorney; this gives a person of your choosing the power to make decisions about your care options, finances and estate, and to have the final say about any of your wishes.  

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