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Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Probate

Unfortunately, death is part of the natural cycle of life. By helping to prepare for our own deaths or the passing of a loved one, we can have certainty in how assets and wealth will be protected and handled after we’re gone. Our team are highly experienced in all areas of Wills and Probate, and have been helping the Gloucestershire community plan early to safeguard against the uncertainty of the future.

One of the common areas we support people in is writing a Will. There are a number of benefits for making a Will today, rather than leaving it to chance, including having a say in how your estate and assets will be distributed, and who will be responsible for its administration; what will happen to your children if you were to die unexpectedly; inheritance tax savings; and protection for couples who may not be married or have entered into a civil partnership. Wills can also help to prevent family disputes by ensuring wishes are clearly expressed. 

We also support people to create a Living Will – also known as an Advance Decision, which can be accompanied by an Advance Statement. Living Wills give people the ability to exercise choice and control in terms of care and treatment options should anything happen during their lifetime. Some people may also choose to appoint someone as a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare. We can help explain the effect of these decisions, including how the order of creation will impact on which decision will be taken as final.  

Separate to this, we can give you advice on appointing someone to have Powers of Attorney over your affairs. People with Powers of Attorney will be able make decisions about your personal welfare, finances and property matters.

Even if you have a Will in place, in the event of your death the executor will still need to apply for Probate to be able to start processing the wishes set out in your Will. Probate may also be known as a grant of probate, grant of representation, letters of administration, or letters of administration with a Will. Our qualified team can apply for Probate on behalf of the person who will administer the estate, which will allow them access to your bank account and to collect estate assets.

Time is precious, don’t leave it until tomorrow. Call our team on 01452 404 738 to talk about your lasting wishes and how you can ensure they’re carried out in death.

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