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Quality Solicitors Truemans Fixed Fees for Wills and Probate

Private Client Fixed Fees


Standard single Will                                            £160 plus VAT
Standard mirror Wills                                          £220 plus VAT
Complex Will                                                        £500 plus VAT or time taken


Severance of Joint Tenancy and registration  £120 plus VAT
Advice on Deferred Payment Agreement       £220 plus VAT
Drafting residential tenancy                               £450 plus VAT

Probate                                                                2.5% gross estate or hourly rate


Single LPA, advise, draft and certificate          £200 plus VAT
Both LPAs, advise, draft and certificate           £350 plus VAT
Single registration                                               £150 plus VAT
Both LPAs registration                                       £200 plus VAT
Couple single LPA                                              £350 plus VAT
Couple both LPAs                                               £600 plus VAT
Couple single LPA registration                          £200 plus VAT
Couple both LPA registration                            £250 plus VAT

Court of Protection

Standard Deputyship, non-contentious            £1200 plus VAT
Deputyship, contentious/complex                     Hourly rate


Simple                                                                 £300 plus VAT
Complex                                                              Hourly rate


Oxford City                                                          £45 plus VAT & travel expenses per trip
County 20m radius                                             £55 plus VAT & travel expenses per trip
County 20m plus                                                 £65 plus VAT & travel expenses per trip


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