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Quality Solicitors Truemans Divorce Fixed Fees

Our fees are £900 plus VAT and expenses
Profit costs £900
VAT @ 20% £180
Court fees £385 (usually)
TOTAL £1465

Our fees are £500 plus VAT and expenses
As follows:
Profit costs £500
VAT @ 20% £100
Expenses £45 (if end up applying for DA)
TOTAL £645

The difference in price represents the difference in work involved in conducting a divorce on behalf of a Petitioner compared to a Respondent. However, it is possible to request a costs Order; that is that the costs be shared between you and the Respondent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does this include?
This includes your meetings with our lawyers to discuss your divorce, preparation of all documents and dealing with all correspondence and disputes in writing regarding costs orders relating to your divorce.
It also includes preparing an instruction to the Court bailiff to serve the divorce papers if necessary (please note this carries an additional Court fee of £105).

2. What do you mean by expenses?
These are most commonly the Court fees and are as follows:

Issuing petition £340
Decree Absolute £45
Bailiff (if necessary) £105

Decree Absolute in some cases if petitioner does not apply £45

3. What if my Husband/Wife doesn’t sign the papers?
The fixed fee includes preparing an application instruct a bailiff but not the Court fee of £105

4. When do I have to pay? When am I billed?
There are three clear stages to a divorce and therefore we bill you at each stage making it easier to manage your finances and not find an unaccepted bill arrive.

Issue of petition £300 plus VAT plus expenses
Decree nisi £300 plus VAT plus expenses
Decree absolute £300 plus VAT plus expenses

Issue of petition £300 plus VAT plus expenses
Decree nisi £100 plus VAT plus expenses
Decree absolute £100 plus VAT plus expenses

5. How long does it take to get divorced?
It is not possible to get divorced in less than three months due to the process involved and usually where there are issues concerning children and/or finances we estimate six months to be more realistic.

6. What isn’t included?
Sometimes divorce can become unexpectedly complicated and it is necessary to carry out additional work on your behalf. If this occurs we will inform you with a view to agreeing a small additional fixed fee. Examples of these additional complications are:
Cross petitioning
Attending court hearings about costs
Applications to dispense with service
Applications for deemed service.


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