Michael Trueman


Michael is the senior partner of QualitySolicitors Truemans. He is a Higher Court Advocate and Solicitor. Michael's firm's aim is to provide the best legal help to its clients.

Michael has extensive experience of representing clients in a number of areas of law to include:-

  • Family law
  • Residential and commercial property transactions
  • Business disputes
  • Wills and probate
  • Human RIghts
  • Child care law
  • serious injury claims


Professional Associations

  • Law Society
  • Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates
  • Resolution
  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Medico legal Society
  • Law Society Children Panel
  • Advocate of the Supreme Court of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cuhna
  • International Association of Family Lawyers
Notable cases include: +

Child Care Law

  • Re AT and HB- case involving publication of judgments in St Helena 2017
  • Re A- fractured skull and arms 2017
  • Re M- multiple injuries 2017
  • Re Y removal to China 2017
  • Oxfordshire v H fractured arm 2016
  • Oxfordshire v BG 2015 adoption or foster care
  • Oxfordshire v C 2015 bruising 
  • SHG v B St Helena Supreme Court 2016
  • Re KL St Helena Supreme Court 2016 Human RIghts 
  • Re T St Helena Supreme Court 2016
  • Oxfordshire v P 2015 facticious illness
  • SHG-v-P St Helena Supreme Court Ascension Island 2014
  • Re T Father killed Mother 2014
  • Re B sex abuse 2014
  • Re B Honour Violence risk 2014
  • SHG-v-B St Helena Supreme Court 2013
  • Re A NAI baby in car accident 2013
  • Re X Oxford child sex abuse ring 2013
  • Re P Father killed Mother 2013
  • Re S death of sibling 2012
  • Re J serious injuries unknown cause 2012
  • G VH South African child abduction 2011
  • Re C fabricated illness 2011
  • Oxfordshire County Council v X, Y and J [2010] EWCA Civ 581
  • A County Council-v-DP, RS, BS [2005] 2FLR 1031
  • Re B [1999] 2FLR 215 adoption Court of Appeal
  • Re H and S - Non accidential injuries
  • Re C - NAI and ring of sex abusers
  • Re Mb - abuse of children from Congo
  • BBC-v-R - "privacy for foundling baby"
  • Numerous cases involving NAI and sexual abuse

International and English adoption cases

  • Secure Accommodation
  • Child Abduction ES-v-AJ [2010] EWCH1113 (FAM)

Factitious/induced illness cases

  • Divorce and financial disputes including "big money cases"

Residence and contact disputes

  • Leave to place children out of jurisdiction cases

Personal injury cases involving substantial damages

  • Re M- 2017 institutional neglect
  • Davidson-v-Allied Domecq
  • Gulliford-v-Smiths of Bloxham
  • Jones-v-Thames Valley Police
  • Stewart-v-Scudder Ltd
  • Cassford-v-CMC
  • Advising minority directors of Oxford United at the time of the Maxwells' involvement


  • R-v-Fisher “The Oxford Rapist”
  • R-v-Tovey “The white supremacist Oxford Bomber”
  • R-v-Whittaker "manslaughter"
  • R-v-Dunkley “cattle passporting offences”
  • R-v-Lang “Goodhead Press arson”
  • R-v-Richards arson
  • R-v-Boldori "death by dangerous driving"
  • R-v- Lodewicjk "drugs importation"
  • R-v-Sabin “vampire case” Court of Appeal
  • R-v-Green murder
  • R-v-Begum “people trafficking”
  • R-v-Faulks “USAF base rape”

Michael Trueman - Awards and accreditations

  • Children Law
  • Family Law

News and media

  • News
    • Posted on May 6, 2017
      Truemans is continuing its work in areas involving international law in 2017

      2017 has seen Lorraine King finish two cases involving international elements.

      The first was a case involving the Local Authority wanting to place a child outside the court’s jurisdiction in Scotland. Lorraine represented the child in the court case. Scotland has a completely different court system to England and Wales and this is an area where few law firms have the experience and expertise. As a result of this case the higher courts have now given guidance to local authorities on how to manage cases where they wish to place children outside England and Wales.

      The second case involved where a child was permanently placed in Romania with his Romanian grandparents having lived in the UK for a number of years. Lorraine represented the child’s Romanian father who throughout the proceedings resided in Romania and spoke no English.

      Truemans has always had a reputation for having experienced lawyers who are able to deal with complex issues and who conduct their own advocacy.
      This is continuing into areas of international law.
      Posted in: Family law
    • Posted on July 28, 2016
      We have been instructed to act for the individual known as Adult M in the Wass Inquiry Report in bringing a claim for damages following the years of neglect that they suffered while under the care of an Island’s government.
    • Posted on September 30, 2015
      Due to the recent VW emissions scandal, which includes vehicles sold by VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda, it is reported that 1.2 million vehicles in the UK alone have been affected. If you have purchased a vehicle through one of these manufacturers and they have been in contact with you about rectifying the issue or you are a shareholder of these companies, we invite you to contact us.
      Posted in: Civil

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