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If you manage or are interested in buying or selling a franchise you will need expert legal advice to protect your interests.

Taking on a franchise is a legally binding agreement and it is essential to make sure that you understand all the consequences both practically, financially and most importantly legally. 

There are many factors to consider and could include:-

  • what are you actually buying the rights to?
  • How much will it cost in fees to the franchisor?
  • Are there any restrictions on trade? What are the costs of supplies?
  • How do you check projections and cash flow figures?
  • And if things aren’t quite working as you hoped for, what are the conditions if you want to leave early or if the franchisor ceases to trade?

We have lawyers who are experts in this field and who can advise and represent you from the start of the transction to conclusion. If you have not yet decided whether or not to proceed, preliminary advice can be given for you to consider before making a final decision.


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