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Arrangements for children

When a relationship breaks down, we understand how difficult and upsetting it can be if the arrangements for children are not agreed. We can help you resolve these disputes.

It is important to reduce the upset to your children and here are some steps to reduce the impact on them – Read our full fact sheet.

  • Agree your behaviour in front of children
  • Listen to your children & ask them what they want
  • Clearly tell your children you love them
  • Never criticise your former partner in front of the children
  • Do not use your children as messengers
  • Treat your former partner with respect in front of the children
  • Try to both co-operate over issues relating to your children
  • Try to agree arrangements where both parents remain actively involved

Our team of family lawyers have many years of experience in representing parents who find themselves in this situation. A relationship breakdown is not easy and disagreements may potentially occur, but we can support you in reaching your objectives for the child arrangements.

The purpose of our role is not only to support you in child arrangements, but to represent you through negotiations with your spouse/partner. If court proceedings are necessary, we can represent you throughout the proceedings. We will explain every stage of the process and the factors the court will consider when being asked to make an order. Our service is to take the stress away from your difficult relationship breakdown and ensure you reach the legal entitlement you deserve.

We have been representing our clients in family law for over 30 years. We are different to many firms as we undertake as much of the advocacy in court as we can.  This means that you have the lawyer who knows your case representing you in court and presenting your case to the Judge. There are no hidden costs in our services and we don’t charge for three letters when one will cover all areas.

Team members

Georgia Gibbons
Joanne Jarvis
Legal Secretary
Lisa Bailey
Legal Secretary
Lorraine King
Michael Trueman
Michelle Belcher

News and media

  • News
    • Posted on May 6, 2017
      Truemans is continuing its work in areas involving international law in 2017

      2017 has seen Lorraine King finish two cases involving international elements.

      The first was a case involving the Local Authority wanting to place a child outside the court’s jurisdiction in Scotland. Lorraine represented the child in the court case. Scotland has a completely different court system to England and Wales and this is an area where few law firms have the experience and expertise. As a result of this case the higher courts have now given guidance to local authorities on how to manage cases where they wish to place children outside England and Wales.

      The second case involved where a child was permanently placed in Romania with his Romanian grandparents having lived in the UK for a number of years. Lorraine represented the child’s Romanian father who throughout the proceedings resided in Romania and spoke no English.

      Truemans has always had a reputation for having experienced lawyers who are able to deal with complex issues and who conduct their own advocacy.
      This is continuing into areas of international law.
      Posted in: Family law

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