The petition starts the divorce. It sets out the reasons for the divorce and must satisfy the court that one of the “grounds” for divorce is met. The petition is sent to the court and then to your partner.

2Decree Nisi

After you file a petition and the other side has acknowledged receipt, you apply for Decree Nisi. A judge checks the papers and if all is well issues a certificate that you are entitled to a Decree Nisi, the first decree.

3Decree Absolute

No less than 6 weeks and a day from the Decree Nisi, you can apply for Dcree Absolute. Only at Decree Absolute is the marriage legally over. You may delay the application if the finances have to be sorted out.

4Financial matters

Talk to us about your financial circumstances as no two people are the same and we can give individual advice. Some people reach agreement and we can draft the necessary paperwork. For others, the court must decide and we can help you through the court process.