If you are planning a wedding or civil partnership why should you think about planning for the end of your marriage? More and more couples want to plan for married life perfectly and that includes financial planning for the future, whatever it holds.

If you want to prepare for the unexpected, we can help you.

A pre-nuptial agreement sets out what should happen to your money or property in the event of relationship breakdown. It gives you both a chance to agree what is fair and we take a sensible and non-confrontational approach that puts people’s minds at rest.

We treat you as an individual and we know that you need tailor made advice. We advise that you talk to us well before the big day, so you are not under time pressure. The courts do not like people to feel under pressure to sign important documents just before a wedding.

At QS Truemans we explain everything in plain English, answering your questions and making the process easy to understand. We explain the costs and timescales upfront, so you know what to expect.

For confidential friendly advice about creating a premarital agreement, contact us today. Be prepared.