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Wills and probate solicitors in Oxford

If like many people you have been putting off making a will, then you might want to consider what happens if you leave it. Dying without a will can cause all kinds of uncertainty for the loved ones you leave behind; how do people know if you had any final requests, what funeral arrangements to make, and perhaps most importantly what happens to your children and your assets?

If you die without a will, your assets (known as your ‘estate’) are distributed according to strictly defined legislation known as ‘probate law’.  However probate law may not distribute your estate in a way that you would want.  Depending on your marital status and personal circumstances, there is a possibility that your estate will not go to any of the people you might want it to go to.

Are you looking for wills and probate solicitors in the Oxford area?

Looking for friendly local advice about wills and probate in Oxford? Making a will is the best way to be sure that your estate passes smoothly and successfully to specific family and friends. 

For example, if you are not married to your partner then he or she may find it very difficult to receive anything from your estate if you have not made a will.  If you are married, then it’s likely that without a will your estate would pass to your spouse, but perhaps you would prefer to remember other people as well?

Making a will is the only way to pass specific parts of your estate to an unmarried partner, children, step-children, extended family or friends.

Wills and probate solicitors in Oxford

Making a will has another benefit too; so many of our clients tell us that they actually feel better after making a will.

Knowing that you have tied up all your loose ends in the exact way you want can give you peace of mind.  When you make a will, you are leaving specific instructions for your loved ones that will be followed precisely.

We can advise you on any part of the law regarding wills and probate in Oxford.

Want specific help regarding some aspect of wills and probate law?

Our solicitors are more than happy to answer any questions you have about wills and probate from our Oxford office.  Our specialist areas include:

  • Making a will.   At QualitySolicitors Truemans we can also help with other related services including:
  • Estate administration – we can guide you through the process of administering someone’s estate upon the death of a loved one.
  • Inheritance planning – in some cases planning ahead can reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable from your estate.
  • Power of attorney – ensure that your wishes are carried out when you are no longer able to make certain decisions about your wellbeing and assets. Everyone should have a lasting power of attorney because we do not kwow waht lies ahead.
  • Will and inheritance disputes – we can provide clarity when things seem confusing after someone dies.

Friendly expert wills and probate solicitors who are local to Oxford

Come along and chat to us about wills; we’re in Oxford and located conveniently close to the city centre.

Michael Trueman is a solicitor with a great deal of experience in guiding clients through making a will; “It’s a subject that some people don’t like to think about but making a will is absolutely essential if you own any kind of assets,and you care about how they are passed on when you die.  It is crucial to ensure that people's wishes are set out clearly in their Will.”

Louise Trueman prepares many Wills for clients and is ready to help you to ensure that your plans are set out clearly so you can get on with your life in the knowlege that you have made the plans you need to.

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