Planning for life after your death may be difficult. However, it is simply taking care of your family in the future. Your estate will be subject to Inheritance Tax thresholds and other matters. Planning now allows you to consider reliefs and exemptions. Having a Will ensures people know how to share out your estate exactly as you planned for it to be and that this is done in a financially sophisticated way.

Taxes are one certainty in life. New ones designed to relieve you of your money and assets come from the government bodies we pay to levy taxes. They apply when we die as well as when we are living. there is no escape but we can help ease the burden. Tax planning involves thinking about your home, the value of any investments, trusts and the making of gifts to limit any tax implications. At QS Truemans, we understand the rules and implications of these decisions. We make a complex area of law and financial planning simple and use plain English to make certain you understand any decisions made. We can put into place tax planning regimes advisedd by your accoutants to make the best use of multi professional advice.

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