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Firearms Law

Our team offer trusted guidance in the niche and specialist area of weapons and firearms law in the UK for owners and users, whether you’re a novice or long-time enthusiast. As you can imagine, there are strict rules governing licencing, storage and the use of guns to ensure the safety of those with weapons in their possession and the general public.

Comprehensive services and legal firearms advice

At QualitySolicitors Wragg Mark-Bell, we offer a wide-range of legal advice that is specific to the Firearms Act 1968 as well as advice relating to criminal offences.

We offer timely advice for matters relating to:

  • First time applications and renewal applications
  • Revocations or refusals of firearms certificates
  • Certificate holders who face revocation pursuant to the Firearms Act 1968
  • Licencing appeals
  • Licencing for shooting clubs

Applying for a firearm licence

We can support with first-time and renewal firearm licence applications to ensure the strength of your application by following the letter of the law.

We can help to ensure all details are accurately provided, you have the correct measures in place to meet the inspection of premise requirements and can advise on the most suitable referees for your character check.

We can also advise on the most appropriate application process, depending on whether you’re seeking authorisation for a revolver gun, shotgun, air weapon or other type of weapon.

Appealing a licence refusal or revocation

Strict time limits apply to appeal a decision from your licencing authority. If you disagree with a decision, you have just 21 days to appeal a decision, making it all the more important to seek specialist advice from a firearms lawyer as soon as possible.

In some cases we can negotiate with Police to review the decision, otherwise we can represent you through a formal appeals process with the Crown Court.

British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) members

If you are a member of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), you may be covered by insurance that could cover the cost of your legal fees if you’re making a licensing appeal.

If you’re not a member, or your insurance doesn’t cover legal fees, talk to us about our competitive pricing.

Contact us to speak with a firearm solicitor in Carlisle, Cumbria to learn more about how we can support you on 01228 510077.

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