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Small claims service

Small claims can have a big impact and we are right here to help you.

Our aim is to help you bring a fair end to your dispute - quickly. So you can get on with the more important things in your life.

Our brand new service - a cost effective way to sort out and resolve disputes. This combined service is unique to QualitySolicitors.

For just £99 you can sit down with a lawyer for up to 45 minutes and have your questions answered. Find out your rights and get guidance on how the law applies to your specific circumstances. Perhaps use the time to get help to write an effective letter to the other side of the dispute. You can discuss tactics and get help with your next steps.

Where your best next step is help reaching an agreement through mediation, we offer a one-stop service that can help you settle your dispute with mediation.

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The Injury claims process

Free initial assessment

Use our Free Initial Assessment service to find out if you have a case or situation where it is worth spending time or money on taking it further.

What has gone wrong and made you unhappy?

10 minutes is often all that is needed to work out if we can help with specific advice and what your options are.

Cost: Free

Fixed price meeting

This is a session providing specific guidance on your specific situation – aimed at helping to give you the best chance of getting a fair outcome.

In your 30 or 45 minutes fixed price meeting we can:

Go into more detail about your rights in your particular circumstances.

Help you value the dispute and guide you on evidence you’ll need.

We can help you write an effective complaint letter and with your next steps.

Cost: £49 or £99

Complaint letter

Send a complaint letter – that gives a clear description of why you are unhappy. Click for examples.

Be clear about what remedy you think would be fair (including payment of your losses and expenses).

End with what will happen if they do not reply.

Sometimes all that is needed is a well worded letter.

Cost: Your time

Telephone mediation

Mediation can be the best next step – if the other side ignores your complaint letter or rejects it or makes an offer that you do not think is fair or reasonable.

If you agree to try this we will pass your details to Small Claims Mediation (an independent company)

You will be asked for a £20 Admin fee for them to contact you and the other side to set up the mediation.

Then pay a balance of £99 for up to 2 hours of mediation to help you reach an agreement.

Cost: £119

Small Claims Court

If you cannot agree, the only option left is to use the small claims court. Complete the Claim Form & pay the court fee. Send it to court.

If they respond, it can take over 6 months but the court will encourage you both to negotiate an agreement. If not possible the court will arrange a hearing.

At the hearing, the judge will give you and your opponent a fair chance to explain your position.

The judge will assess who is in the wrong and what remedy is fair in the circumstances.

Court fees typically £160

Remedy or compensation

Whether your dispute settled at step 3, 4 or 5, the outcome should be recorded in writing.

Where you successfully bring a claim, then the final stage is that you should receive the agreed money or the remedy applicable to your dispute (such as repairs or that your opponent stops doing the thing you complained of).

If your opponent does not do as agreed or is ordered by the court, you will need to use the court to enforce the agreement or judgment.

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