In order to bring to end your marriage or civil partnership you need to obtain a final decree from the Family Court. The final decree if the piece of paper which terminates your marriage or civil partnership and puts you back into the position of a single individual.

For many individuals obtaining the Decree of divorce or dissolution of Civil partnership is not the area of contention. For many the area of dispute is in relation to the practical matters related to the end of the relationship such as the financial matters or the arrangements for the children. We can help with those areas of dispute and have a wealth of experience in obtaining the best outcome for our clients.

We strongly recommend that you obtain legal advice in respect of the divorce or civil partnership. This is because both marriage and civil partnership have a defined legal status. This means that once proceedings are started and a final decree is obtained to end that legal status potential financial claims arise between the couple which continue to exist even after the final decree is obtained. These potential financial claims can only be ended by way of a separate court order regarding the finances. It is important that you are fully aware of the rights, duties, claims and long term implications of the end of your marraige or civil partnership. These matters do not automatically become resolved within the process of obtaining the final decree: you must act and take positive steps to end the claims which you each have against the other. We recommended a clean break order which ends all potential financial claims finally and formally. You MUST obtain a formal court order even if you reach an agreement about the finances.

We will obtain your decree of divorce or civil partnership at a fixed fee as outlined below. However, these fees apply ONLY to obtaining your decree. Our rates and fees for resolving the disputes as to arrangements for the chidlren or finances are separate from and in addition to the fee for the divorce/ civil partnership. We endeavour to provide the best possible estimate as to that additional work you intruct us to do.

For more information on how we can help with the matters related to the divorce see THE SUBJECT ON THE SIDEBAR "FINANCES AND ARRANGEMENTS FOR CHILDREN ON DIVORCE".


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