At QualitySolicitors Yates & Co we can help you with every stage of the property investment journey. When buying-to-let there are different legal requirements to buying your own home and so it’s important to speak with one of our solicitors who specialises in this area.

Our property solicitors provide friendly, common-sense advice for all aspects of your property investment.

We’ll help ensure that your investment is sound by making sure that all the legal aspects are properly in place for your purchase such as arranging searches and surveys.

As well as ensuring that the property is properly purchased we will draft your tenancy agreement which will properly protect your position as a Landlord. We’ll explain what rights you have as a landlord and help you understand the responsibilities you have to your tenants. For first-time landlords, our advice is invaluable, providing the peace of mind that everything is in place and legally sound.

For advice about investment and buy to let properties, call us today on 0115 947 4486. We offer a free, initial over-the-phone chat, so you can find out about the process, timescales and costs with no obligations.