Debt, care and benefits

QualitySolicitors’ lawyers know and understand what it feels like to be worried about matters connected to debt, care and benefits. We help you understand what the law is – and how to get the very best outcome whatever your life brings.

You may have fallen in to debt – and now you have lots of questions. What can you do about any loans? Can your debt be better managed or consolidated? Are some of the loans or debts unenforceable? Debt problems may impact upon any benefits you receive – are you aware of your entitlements? We understand benefits law including applications and appeals. And if there are any care issues as a result of your circumstances, you need answers – you already have the questions.

Helping you deal with your situation is how QualitySolicitors can help. We make certain we fully understand your situation. If you are missing out on benefits - we can help you to get what you should. If you are being chased for debts that you owe our specialist lawyers can intervene. Debt can cause issues with housing, council tax payments, everyday utility bills, like electricity, sometimes this can result in court action. Our expert lawyers will explain how the law works in your situation. We make sure this is done in a straightforward way. Options will be explained and we work with you to achieve the best outcome possible.

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