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A Child’s Perspective

Clutching his Father’s hand tightly and the other arm wrapped around his new friend, Muzzy the Monster, the little boy Josh trotted through Solihull town centre marvelling at the Christmas lights and decorations.


An elder child who had been looking longingly at Muzzy and noticing his sock was missing stopped him to ask where Muzzy’s other sock was.The little boy replied “Under the bed silly – where all the nice monster slive”.

Josh was very excited about Christmas, he was going to have two Christmases’ this year, one with his Mummy and the other with his Daddy. Did this mean he would be getting more presents? He wasn’t sure but he knew he would be able to see his cousin Matt as he was Daddy’s nephew – whatever that meant and he would have two Christmas dinners – not that he was bothered about the  dinner  that much, but it would mean two lots of crackers to pull. Would he need to hang up a stocking at Daddy’s house as well, and if so, would Father Christmas know where Daddy lived? He wasn’t sure where Daddy lived but it was a long way in the car and his usual question when he got in the car was“How much longer have we got to go”? Christmas would be different though as he would have his new toys to play with and that would mean that Daddy’s house would be closer.

It was a magical time, not just for Josh but also for his Father. He had not seen Josh for a long time following an acrimonious split from Josh’s mother. His repeated requests to see his son were ignored by Josh’s mother and he wasn’t even sure where his son lived. Josh had grown a lot in the time apart from his father and the visits had been gradually increased over a period of time to allow Josh time to re-adjust.


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