Gary Davison

Managing Director

I am the Managing Director of QualitySolicitors Davisons having founded the firm in 1985 (though now I prefer not to think how long ago it was if I can avoid it). I started the firm with just myself and a secretary - who in fact still works for me having returned to the fold a few of years ago  - and we now have seven offices in different locations in and around Birmingham.

Much of my time is now spent trying to manage the empire! I consider myself to be a benevolent dictator, though my colleagues may use more colourful language to describe me.

When I am not managing the practice I undertake commercial property work. On establishing the firm I did almost everything that came through the door, so I also have experience in the fields of personal injury, matrimonial law, criminal law and wills & probate; all of which I believe has helped me develop the firm to its current level.

At QualitySolicitors Davisons, we encourage our staff to offer a friendly and professional service. We have always tried to be progressive and forward-thinking, making use of the latest technology wherever possible. We pride ourselves on our delivering excellent levels of service whilst striving to continually improve in all areas. 

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