Having your immigration application turned down is upsetting. However there are strict and very tight deadlines that apply if you wish to make an appeal – so you need to act quickly and know the best way to argue against the decision. There is a court process available to you which you need to understand. How well you present your argument can be the difference between a successful appeal and failure.

Having access to an immigration appeals expert can be really useful. At QualitySolicitors you will have speak to specialist lawyers with a track record of making successful appeals. We work quickly, making certain we understand your situation – and why your application was turned down. You will be given options, and the consequences of each will be explained simply. Our costs will be clear and explained beforehand, so you know what to budget. Most importantly you know that our lawyers will do everything possible to make the best very argument to achieve your desired result.

If you've had your application rejected, call us on 0808 274 7557 as quickly as you can and ask to see one of our expert immigration solicitors.