Having a visa means you can lawfully study in the UK. The rules that you need to understand form part of a points based system. It is based upon your place of study, your course and other factors such as how you plan to fund the course, your accommodation and what plans you have when you complete your course. If anything changes during your period of study you need to be aware of the proper process to follow here. It may seem daunting but expert legal advice can make this a much less worrying time than it may first appear.

QualitySolicitors’ Immigration lawyers have successfully assisted many students to gain their visa. We understand the application process so after you tell us your situation, we explain your options, timescales and likely costs. As we work with you, we keep in regular contact, so you never wonder what is happening. We also take time to explain any restrictions on your visa. And if you intend to work during holiday times or want your family to join you, we can explain how this works too.

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