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Applying for a visa is one of the most important steps to take when looking to move to the UK – and it can feel like one of the most complicated. Working with QualitySolicitors’ specialist lawyers, you can be certain of the very best advice presented in a straightforward way.

There are many different types of visa and being aware of each is important. It can depend on whether you are looking to live and work, simply visit or are planning to study in the UK. Some visas are points based whilst others are not. Points based visas form part of a system where levels or tiers are used. Each tier has different requirements - you need to understand how you fit with these requirements before you apply. If you are applying for a visa that falls outside of the points based system, it is still important to understand what is expected of you and the terms of your visa.

Moving to a new country is exciting – but it can also be daunting. Working with our Immigration specialists means you are receiving the very best knowledge and advice. QualitySolicitors’ lawyers use their extensive experience to make applying for your visa as straightforward as possible. Once we understand your situation we advise on the best approach to take. We explain things simply, discuss any problems and make sure you know what your options are. We are clear about likely timescales and costs. And importantly you know that our lawyers can be trusted to try and achieve your desired outcome.

To talk with one of our immigration specialists contact us today on 0808 274 7557 and we'll make you an appoinment.

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