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Working in the UK

If you want to work in the UK and you need a visa, it is important to understand there are different types of visa depending upon your situation. QualitySolicitors’ Immigration lawyers can help make your application process simpler so you can look forward to an exciting new life.

To work in the UK may mean applying to the Home Office for a visa or work permit under their points based system. It has different levels - or tiers - depending upon your individual situation. Within each tier, there are differing categories too. Factors that affect your application include whether you have a job to come to or not, if you have a sponsor, whether you plan to invest, your qualifications, your age, what experience you have and your English language ability. It can also affect whether your family may join you while you work in the UK.

QualitySolicitors’ immigration lawyers successfully work with many applicants who decide to work in the UK. To begin with, we make certain we understand your situation fully. Once we do, we outline the application process and what options you have. Likely timescales and costs are made clear before we start work on your visa application. Throughout the process we keep in regular contact and if we need to explain any technical or legal matters, we always use plain and simple English.

To begin your application to work in the UK contact us today on 0808 274 7557 and have a chat with one of our friendly immigrations lawyers.

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