Restructuring may be required to make your business more successful. Whatever the reason, it is important that those affected are treated fairly and that the proper procedures are followed. Informing employees and involving them throughout is less likely to lead to litigation when you take the final decision.

If you think that redundancies are likely or you are planning some kind of reorganisation, our employment lawyers can advise you on what you need to think about. Our advice is pragmatic and straightforward. We make certain we understand what you are hoping to achieve and can explain the likely outcomes, discuss options and make certain you know the relevant laws. We will explain likely timescales and costs for all our services in accordance with our Clear Price Gurantee.

If you'd like to have an informal conversation to find out what your options are we offer a free initial over the phone chat. So for confidential and friendly advice contact Mike today on 0800 0 758 759.