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Making a will

A recent study by the Legal Services Board showed a quarter of wills to be either invalid, or not reflective of a person’s wishes. These statistics alone highlight the importance of getting an expert to help you to put your will together.

Allow WLS Solicitors to prepare your will and you can relax knowing it was constructed by one of our experts, making it legally valid.

There are numerous benefits to making a will, including:

  • You control how your estate and possessions are divided
  • You may gift specific items to people of your choosing
  • You can exclude those who might normally expect to have benefitted
  • You can minimise inheritance tax


Types of Wills

There are three different types of wills available, all of which will be tailored to your needs by our local lawyers, who cover areas in and around Twyford and Wokingham.

These types are:

  • Simple Will
  • Advanced Will
  • Bespoke Will

Please more detailed information on each will type below. For more advice on wills and which type is best for you, call us on 01189 111 439.

With a simple will you can:

  • Make clear your funeral wishes
  • Decide who gets what and allocate gifts to friends, relatives or charities
  • Appoint a Guardian to take care of your children
  • Assign a person to carry out your will

An advanced will covers everything included in a simple will. Additional benefits include:

  • Grant a gift (for example, your house) to a person for their lifetime only
  • Exclude those usually expected to be included, such as a partner or children
  • Provide ongoing care for someone with a disability
  • Plan for complex family arrangements, for example, providing for a relative going through a divorce
  • Protect your home

A bespoke will is tailored to suit your needs, particularly where you might have more complex requirements.

If your assets amount to more than the inheritance tax threshold, which is currently £325,000, you could benefit from additional advice on minimising the tax paid through your will.

This option is often suitable for those who own a business.


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