If you ask a professional advisor for help, the last outcome you imagine is one where their advice causes a problem. Surveyors, Architects, Solicitors and Accountants are all bound by professional standards. They owe you a duty of reasonable care and skill. When their advice is negligent you may suffer some form of loss. If this happens you need to know what options you have and how to go about making a claim. It can feel daunting taking on a professional advisor but expert legal advice can support you to achieve the result you deserve.

Our specialist lawyers will explain the process of making a claim, what it may cost and how long it will take. Dealing with a professional negligence dispute can take time. Demonstrating what has failed and the losses suffered can be complicated. We will explore options with you and agree the best course of action. This could include litigation, negotiation or mediation but we will explain each and what they mean. We aim to secure the best outcome possible for you.

For free initial assessment please contact Mike Pollard or Ingmar Heil.