Buying Timescales

If everything goes according to plan, this is how long it will take to complete the legal paperwork for the purchase of your home. Occasionally other parties delay things that may slow the transaction. If this happens, you can rest assured we will keep you informed.

Week 1

  • We receive your instructions.
  • We send you a letter introducing LCF Residential.
  • We will request various pieces of information.
  • Information received from you.
  • Estate Agents information received.
  • We will then contact the seller’s lawyers.

Weeks 2-7

  • Receive draft Contract and documents including copy title deeds or information.
  • Receive preliminary information about the property, contents and issues affecting the property.
  • Make searches of local authority, water company and others.
  • Check title and approve Contract.
  • Raise any further enquiries of seller’s lawyers.
  • Receive replies to those enquiries.
  • Receive results of local searches and review.
  • Report to you on Contract, searches, and mortgage. Sign documents.
  • Communicate with you at regular intervals.

Weeks 8+9

  • We “Exchange Contracts” — i.e. bind the seller’s to sell and you to buy at the Contract price.
  • We fix the “Completion Date” — the date you will take up ownership of the property.
  • We send you a statement showing you the final costs including our own fees and expenses.

Week 10

  • Completion!

Weeks 11-12

  • After Completion we register you as the owner with the Land Registry.

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