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If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, filing for civil dissolution or you’re going through a relationship breakdown, it is best to get trusted legal advice early. Going through a separation might not be something you expected, and it can raise a lot of questions about living arrangements, child arrangements and any joint finances. Our team of divorce solicitors in Balham understand the challenges you’re facing and will help you review your legal position.

The work we do can help those who are considering separating to be in the best position possible in situations where the relationship is beyond repair. Considering the longevity of your relationship and rethinking your future can be a daunting prospect, and is not something you should enter into lightly and without due consideration.

We can help to facilitate a constructive environment to consider these matters so that it is easier to work through any issues in a timely and amicable way. Our accredited family law specialists have experience supporting families through both uncontested and contested divorce processes. There are specific legal processes that must be met for each, which we can ensure you are prepared for. The support we offer can range from tailored advice as and when needed for those wishing to self-manage their divorce, through to a full-service where we take care of all the paperwork and filing for you.

It will be necessary to obtain a Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute in order for your marriage to legally end, but this still leaves a number of practical arrangements to be organised when considering your financial arrangements.

It is not necessary to consider your divorce and financial arrangements jointly, but the two matters usually are. There are often a lot of financial arrangements to sort out whether you are married or not, particularly if you have been living together, own assets together, or have children together. 

To reach a financial settlement, we’ll walk you through considerations for your immediate financial concerns first. It can be a financial strain having gone from two incomes supporting a household to having the one income to rely on. Assets, such as the family home, car, savings and pensions will also be considered, including whether you or your former partner has a right to claim on any of these and how you can protect yourself. Another financial matter to consider during divorce is whether any maintenance is due or owed, what that amount will be and for how long it would be appropriate. 

Where possible, we’ll aim to put an enforceable agreement in place without having to go to court, which helps to keep costs and additional stress down. If the matter does need to go to court because an agreement cannot be reached, we’ll ensure your best interests are represented and your rights are protected.

If you are experiencing a relationship breakdown and would like to file for or respond to divorce papers, contact our family law team today to see how we can help on 020 8355 0830

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