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Separation is rarely easy, regardless of the length of your relationship. It may sometimes be possible to go your separate ways with little more discussion, but more often than not your lives may have been more intertwined than you thought. As family law experts, our team can help you whether you’re going through a trial separation or you’d like to make the separation permanent.

At QualitySolicitors A-Z Law, we offer practical advice and an understanding approach for couples who are separating to help make the process easier. We can answer all your questions and concerns about what will happen to your home, possessions and finances. 

Similarly, if you’re separating with children then you’ll likely have a number of questions about where they’ll live, whether there’ll be joint custody, how you’ll contact them or have visits if they’re not with you, and who will make decisions regarding their health, education or religious needs. Just like you, we will put your child’s wellbeing as our top priority to help ensure a stable and acrimonious split where possible. 

If you’re considering a separation, it’s worthwhile getting tailored legal advice as the law does not automatically offer the same legal rights and protections for unmarried couples. There is no such thing as ‘common law marriage’, which might mean the breakdown of family assets and available financial support after your split looks different from what you’d envisaged. Seeking advice early can help you get a clear and accurate picture as well as be sure of your next steps. 

For a Free Initial Assessment and plain English advice if you’re thinking about or going through a separation, talk to our team of experienced family solicitors in Balham today. Call us on 020 8355 0830.

Going through a separation across borders can further complicate matters, but our team take a tactful and logical approach to provide timely legal assistance. The ever-growing effects of globalisation means we’re increasingly seeing families move across borders, creating family units that are truly international.

There are often further elements to consider and multi-jurisdictional factors that need to be taken into account if there is an international family dispute, including where you live and whether that’s abroad, whether you have any property overseas, if immigration matters need to be considered, and the citizenship or residency rights of any children involved.

If your family dispute does involve children, do not delay in seeking legal advice. We help to advise on families looking to relocate, child custody disputes between parents living in different countries, and also help parents make urgent applications to the High Court where there is a threat of child abduction by the other parent or relative, or an abduction has actually taken place.

Our team are experienced in trans-national judicial collaboration and negotiation, and can provide advice if you’re a British national living overseas or you’re a non-native living in England. We are based in Balham, London, but can offer support even if you do not visit the UK often.


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