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Wills and probate

Talking about what will happen after you die can be an uncomfortable topic for many, but it’s essential if you want to have your last wishes legally protected, and your estate and possessions to go to whoever you choose.

Many people believe that it is only important to put a Will in place later in life, but there is a strong case to have one in place throughout your adult life as a safety net. Unfortunately, we can’t plan for accidents but they do happen. Without a Will in place the intestacy rules will apply, determining who is allowed to inherit from you and how much. This can cause great stress for those left behind as there’ll be no indication from you about what you’d actually like to happen. It can also mean loved ones may have to file a legal claim if they disagree with how your estate is being handled. 

Making a Will is a straightforward process with the help of a qualified and experienced legal professional. The team at A-Z Law are Wills and probate specialists, helping people protect their lifelong earnings and work for future generations. We can provide advice and guidance on drafting a Will that captures all of your wishes, and also looks at tax and care planning if needed. There is also the opportunity to put a Living Will in place, also known as an Advanced Decision, which lets your family and health professionals know what care you may like to receive or refuse if you were not able to communicate with them.

Our understanding team also support people with probate. This can be an extremely difficult period for many as they try to navigate the estate administration process all while trying to grieve. We provide can provide as much as or little support as people like, making sure you feel confident throughout the process, are able to meet your legal obligations as an executor, and can successfully work through any inheritance disputes if there are any. There is no need to feel like you are on your own throughout this process – our team are happy to answers any questions as they arise and having professional help might not be as expensive as you think. Call us today on 020 8355 0830 to find out more.

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