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A Terminally Ill man is challenging the high court on Assisted Dying

With Mr Newby bringing the subject of Euthanasia back to the news, it has brought back the various arguements for & against the procedure.

Mr Newby was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease 5 years ago now (2014), and is a keen advocate of changing the law on assisting death, declaring he has the right to a "civilised ending".

You can click Here to see the BBC article on Mr Newby.

The article tells of the support from members of the public, and close family Mr Newby, but it also tells of those who are against the notion of assisted dying. Their view is that without protection of the law, that many elderly or ill members of the public could be pressured into the procedure. They also say that the focus should be on the care of these individuals, allowing them to live out their remaining days as painfree as possible.

As mentioned, this is not the first time in recent history in which the subject of Assisted Dying has been brought to the media. As recently as last November the law was challenged, but ultimately this was struck down by the supreme court.

Interestingly, while outlawed here (with a penalty of 14 years in prison for those who assist) in other countries the concept of assisted death is not so controversial. The Swiss Clinic Dignitas shows as proof of this, with its existence being challenged, and allowed to continue by popular vote. Dignitas themselves are very open about their procedures, and all their safeguarding techniques, to ensure the patient is capable of making the decision to end their life, and are also very supportive of Palliative care wherever possible.

While this challenge by Mr Newby is unlikely to be the final discussion the UK has in the coming years, it perhaps helps further cement that there is a wish for the change among those of us who are terminally ill, or have a greatly reduced quality of life.

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