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Wills & Probate

If you could glimpse into the future, would you? Maybe to check the sports scores or perhaps find out the lottery numbers in advance, but what about knowing your own mortality? Chances are, you probably don’t want to know – and you’re not alone.

Discussing death may sound morbid, but in fact it makes practical sense. If you have family, friends or charities you care about, why wouldn’t you want to make provisions for them when you pass away? Having a Will is the only legal way you can do this and have a say about what should happen with your possessions, estate and body when you’re gone.

Without a valid Will in place you not only don’t have a choice, but those you care about may miss out. The rules of intestacy apply to those who die without a Will which places a number of restrictions on who is allowed to inherit from you and how much they can receive. Having a valid Will offers peace of mind for you, makes the process of administering your estate much easier and less burdensome for those you leave behind, and also provides a number of benefits in terms of tax planning.

Making a Will is a relatively simple, straightforward and inexpensive process, yet almost two-thirds of adults in the UK do not have one. We’d like to help change this figure by helping people realise the importance of having a Will throughout your adult life – not just for later years. We can help you express your wishes in a legally binding document that accounts for your personal belongings, property, assets, care arrangements for any dependent children, final resting place wishes and any wish to leave a gift in your Will to charity. We also provide tailored advice on more complex considerations like internationally based family members, non-relatives, business interests or internationally sheltered assets.

If you’re a relative or family member dealing with the estate of a loved one and need support throughout the probate process, we’re here to help. There is no requirement to use a solicitor to administer an estate, but having a reliable expert can be a huge help in what can seem like a daunting process. We offer different levels of support depending on how hands-on you might like to be with the more administrative aspects, and offer an hourly rate that is often considerably more affordable than firms who offer fixed fee options. If you’re unsure about what support you need or how to get started, we offer Free First Advice with no obligation.

Our Guildford-based private client team are experts in:

  •  Court of Protection
  •  Deputyship
  •  Estate administration
  •  Inheritance and tax planning
  •  Making a Will
  •  Power of Attorney
  •  Probate
  •  Trusts
  •  Will and inheritance disputes

Our solicitors have a wealth of experience, giving you the assurance we provide Wills and estate administration advice you can trust. To contact our approachable and experienced team, phone 01483 494 805.

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