Our aim is to ensure our customers get practical legal advice and services in a way that’s accessible, convenient and uncomplicated. 

Whatever your legal issue, we have a comprehensive depth of expertise in personal and business law, and with over 200 branches countrywide we’re sure you’ll find a local specialist lawyer who can guide you towards a positive outcome.

The QualitySolicitors website can help you by;

  • providing more information about the law, or
  • putting you directly in touch with a specialist legal professional.

Our website provides a useful first stop for essential information about the law and then, when you’re ready for face-to-face advice from a lawyer, we can offer Free First Advice to get you started.

Scam E-Mails

QualitySolicitors have been made aware of scam emails which have been sent out purporting to be from the land registry. The emails also refer to QualitySolicitors in the footer. Please note that QualitySolicitors did not send out these emails and is not responsible for them. Unfortunately, as the emails did not originate from our system we have no control over them. We would strongly recommend that you do not respond to any such email. We apologise for any inconvenience but would point out that we are as much a victim as the recipient of the letters.