Whether we are providing legal advice for you or for your business, we will guide you through your legal problem and help you to achieve the best possible outcome. 

You may be unsure whether QualitySolicitors Hill & Abbott can help but it costs nothing for you to give us a call to find out. Our team will take the details of your legal issue and an experienced lawyer will be able to let you know how we can help solve your problem. You can then decide whether you want to go ahead.

If you simply need some one-off expert legal advice you might consider one of our fixed price Ask the Legal Expert consultations. This is your chance to spend 45 minutes with a specialist lawyer so they can answer your specific questions or explain how you stand.

  For legal advice in Polish - Porady Prawne dla Polonii contact Andre Pazik on: (+44) 7849 030 469 or email
                  andre.pazik@advokaty.eu. You can also contact us on: (+44) 1245 258 892 and ask for a Polish speaker.