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Can We Help You With Your Debt?

It is has without doubt been a difficult time for many business of any size during the recent pandemic and on-going crisis.

One major casualty of the pandemic will be your invoices. We act for a number of local businesses assisting them in recovering unpaid invoices.

There are two strands to the work that we do:
  • Preparation of detailed terms of business. Your terms of business are vital to ensure that     your right to be paid on time and in full is clearly  set out in your terms of business and at the creation of any relationship with any new clients. If your terms of business are clear, there is no reason why your invoice should not be paid and if the product or services is supplied on time and in a good manner, there is no likely or easy defence to a claim for the invoice monies due.


  • Acting swiftly to recover the payment of the invoice. It is well known that invoices that are allowed to drift beyond 90 days become less and less likely to be settled. Fast action is required. We can provide a fast service sending out a letter before action requiring payment within 14 days. This can be sent as soon as the contractual period payment has passed. If payment is not received within the 14 days then proceedings can be issued without further notice. We are happy to offer our debt collection services on a fixed fee payment so that you have certainty as to costs.


We are here to discuss this with you if you have any questions with regards to preparation of terms of business or any debt related issues. Please do not hesitate to contact the litigation department on 01273 582271 or

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