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Family Fee Structures

Here at Barwells we offer a number of options with regards to the level of assistance you may wish to receive from us to help keep costs (fees) at a manageable level for you throughout your family law case.

We appreciate that costs often dictate whether you are able to pursue legal assistance or not. With this in mind, we are able to provide you with a number of options in order to help you obtain the advice or assistance you need cost effectively. These are as follows :-

Fixed-fee advice or support

Under this scheme we will agree a fixed-fee for acting for you which would include preparation of documents, corresponding on your behalf and corresponding with you keeping you fully updated and advised throughout.  We would require the monies to be paid on account upon agreeing the fixed-fee.  We will then provide you with a letter clearly setting out what work is covered within the fee we have agreed with you and the estimated timescale for the work.  This fee shall not alter unless your case moves in a way that requires work to be carried out which falls outside of that set out in the original letter sent to you or you instruct us to carry out further work on your behalf.  Any revision in fee will be discussed and agreed with you prior to us carrying out any of the said additional work.  This method allows you give day to day handling of your case to us giving you the peace of mind that your legal issues are being dealt with by experts in that field and doing so at a cost that has been agreed with you in advance. 

Pay as you go

This scheme may be more suitable to you if you are confident enough to deal with some aspects of your case on your own but would like to seek advice or assistance from experts along the way.  It may be that you require our assistance in completing a form/application, advice on responding to correspondence or just advice generally before taking further action yourself.  We will agree a fee with you for each piece of advice or assistance you require as and when you require it.  We can arrange a face to face meeting or telephone consultation, whichever you prefer.  Payment of the agreed fee is made in advance of the appointment and we will follow up our advice or assistance with an email to give you a tangible reference of what was discussed and next steps for you to take.  You would still be the one receiving any correspondence from the other party or the court and we would not correspond on your behalf.  There is no limit on how many times you can come back to seek our help under this scheme and you can instruct us under one of our different fee structures at any point, should you decide it would be more cost effective for you.        

Traditional Legal Support

As stated in the name, this the traditional method of instructing us whereby you make a payment on account each month and we will prepare a bill each month based on the hourly charging rate for any work we have carried out on your case.  This would be suited to you if you wished for the matter to be dealt with entirely by experts acting upon your instruction who will keep you regularly updated and advised throughout.  Whilst the work undertaken will be charged on the hourly rate, we will be able to give you a detailed estimate of the likely overall costs on your matter in our initial letter to you are the beginning of your case.  In the event that you are unable to continue to pay us each month, we reserve the right to stop acting for you.

Team members

Josh Elliott-Noye
Associate, Chartered Legal Executive, Family
Josh Davey
Legal Assistant, Family
Kayleigh Dowty
Solicitor, Family

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