Landlords and tenants have respective rights and it’s important you know what these are in order to understand your options should a problematic situation arise. The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 covers landlord’s and tenant’s obligations to one another and sets out how wrongs can be redressed if these obligations are not met. Our Durham-based team have specialist knowledge in all property matters and will help you work through disputes to get a favourable outcome.

Some of the situations we’ve supported landlords with include tenancy agreements, planning permissions, multiple occupation licences, lease termination, tenancy disputes and regaining possession if the lease obligations are not being complied with, the property has been neglected or damaged, or the tenant has stopped paying rent for example. Any of these can be highly stressful situations and can bring an unwelcome financial pressure. Our professional legal advice focuses on practical solutions to have housing matters resolved quickly and economically.

Our team also ensure the rights of tenants are protected. We can support you to have a better renting experience by checking over your tenancy agreement and ensuring you understand your rights, helping to dispute unfair rent increases or charges, ensuring your landlord complies with their repair responsibilities and provides a property that is free from health hazards and safe to live in. We have successfully helped tenants stay in their home if they are being illegally evicted. 

If you are looking for functional advice that will resolve a matter swiftly or put an end to a dispute, contact our team of landlord and tenant experts. We’re here to protect your interests and help you have a secure place to life or a stable rental investment.

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